Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Good Ass Workout

You know when you realize that you have had a good ass workout...

It is when you begin today's workout, and you can feel every single muscle trying to push through the first minute of starting that the DAY BEFORE workout was awesome!

Yesterday workout:
(25) min bicycle - I biked 5.75 miles
(3/25) sets/reps of squats w/ 20 lb free weights
(3/16) sets/reps of walking lunges w/ 15 lb free weights
(3/15) sets/reps on each leg of step ups w/ 15 lb free weights
(10) min stair climber - I climbed 50 floors
(15) min stretching

Whew..... My legs and shoulders were screaming today, but I had to push through. This is what I did today:

(30) min treadmill - As I started on the treadmill, the first minute was the hardest. My legs were screaming at me. It hurt, but it felt so good all at the same time. I know. I'm weird. I'm My average pace was 8:29. I ran 8 minutes of the 30 at HMP. I went from 6 to 8. Not bad in a week. I so wanted to go for 9 minutes, but the person next to me. Oh my....He smelled so bad. Like it's great that you want to shower before a workout. I know I smell kind of awful afterwards, so I can appreciate someone wanting to be clean, but he went a little overboard. He smelled like a cologne factory. Ugh. I could barely breathe. I have never wished for someone to finish on the treadmill as much as I was wishing he would. Luckily he only stayed on for 10 min, but it definitely through my groove and goals off.
(3/10) sets/reps sitting arnolds w/ 15 lb free weights
(3/12) sets/reps lateral raises w/ 10 lb free weights
(3/20) sets/reps push-ups
(3/30) sets/reps bicycles
(3/10) sets/reps side plank raises (each side)
And then I did 3 sets of 10 on 3 different leg specific machines.
(10) min of stretching

I am tired! But my body feels great. And hopefully this great feeling will keep me going through the weekend because I will not be able to work out, but that's okay. I'm going to be walking around all day doing stuff with my daughter, so I will be able to get some exercise in each day. Also, my body needs a break. Always remember to take a break sometimes.

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