Thursday, May 23, 2013

7 Day Challenge - Abs (Day 4)

I love Day 4!


But I did get up and have the intention to go running, but the bed looked so nice, and my body was tired, so I went back to bed. I can feel it in my abs though. It hurts to laugh or sneeze or cough. I don't know if it's actually doing anything physically, but mentally, I am definitely feeling better about myself and even if the pounds aren't coming off the scale, having self-confidence is even a bigger success!

Also I'm proud that I am half way through this task. It looks like I have a tough 3 days ahead of me, but I'm excited! I can't wait to get started on it.

Oh, last night, I made a chicken stir fry. Nothing too exciting or adventurous. It was easy and quick. I just used a packet of stir fry veggies and diced up some chicken. Made a side of noodles and tossed all those things in low sodium soy sauce and oyster sauce. It was very delicious and kept me full for most of the night.

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