Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Start of Marathon Training

The day finally came! The reason why I even started this blog. Yesterday, I started marathon training. I've been telling everyone that will listen to me. Of course when I say, "I started marathon training," the immediate return question is, "How many miles did you run?"....hahahahahahahaha. Only 3 miles. But it was a great 3 mile start. Felt good being out there, following a training plan.

The plan that I'm using is marathonrookie.com. Can I tell you that it was difficult to search the internet for a marathon training plan? Most of the things that I did find, I had to pay money for, and then the other collection of training plans seemed too rude. What I mean is like they seemed they were yelling on the computer screen that you shouldn't attempt this plan if you can't run this long. I don't care if you're just walking, you should try and encourage everyone set a goal and accomplish that goal.

So for this marathon, I have 2 goals:
1) Finish it - That's the ultimate goal! The amount of people that start a marathon, do not finish it, and I want to finish it.
2) Sub 4 hrs. - I know, this sounds crazy to try to have this kind of goal for my first marathon. The average time for a woman my age in 2010 was 4:48. I'm saying that I'm going to do it 49 minutes faster than the average. Haha...good luck to me.

I think it's getting the right mindset. Another thing that I also started on Monday was MFP. Well, I restarted MFP. I believe I had a streak of over 430 days, and then it died on Friday. It probably should have happened a while ago. I was only checking in to put one, maybe two foods down just to keep the streak, but then I would be eating bowls of ice cream and handful of chocolate nuts and everything. This start of the marathon training gave me the right start to say, you need to recommit yourself to your body, living a healthy lifestyle, and wanting to be the best that I can be.

Well as the time goes on, I will keep up the blog, so you see how doing my first marathon goes. I hope that I don't turn people away from the idea of a marathon, but there aren't many blogs that showcase the beginnings of the blog. Usually they are geared more to the end. So that is the commitment I am making to you, reader.

So have fun and Happy running!

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  1. yay first official day of training! Good luck achieving your goals!